As a strong emerging business, we consciously focus on our culture and our people. With the belief that we can only be as good as our people, we drive a collaborative and engaging culture and operational environment.

We are a people business, passionate, socially responsible, and engaged. We are driven by the strong belief in putting our employees at the center of our efforts as we strive for quality, performance, and social engagement, making the lives better for our staff, their families, and the communities they live in.

Our management team is approachable and open to new ideas. Our overall approach is to be as open and transparent as we can possibly be and includes celebrating when we are doing well and being clear when we could do better. These open discussions enable our teams to contribute, to make suggestions, and bring cohesion.

We involve our people in everything we do, encourage positive interactions, and provide ongoing coaching and training.

We spend time and budget on giving back by investing in private schooling for our employee's children, supporting social causes like sponsoring an orphanage.

We actively embrace Impact Sourcing, by recruiting talented staff from disadvantaged communities; people who are below the national poverty line or long-term unemployed, through our strategic partnership with the Harambee Youth Accelerator (Skill development programme for unemployed youth). Such an initiative aids to uplift and improve conditions not only for the person hired but their immediate families whom they support as well.



Capability BPO was formed through the vision and strategy of expanding the existing domestic Debt-Collection and Credit Control business Debt-IN, into a business focussing on becoming a recognised player in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Global Business Solutions (GBS) arenas.

As a Global Alliance of like-minded companies we share a collective commitment for continual innovation and improving our service to our Clients. Capability BPO is founded on our common promise to offering high quality and cost-effective solutions, while maintaining a focus on being fast, flexible, and nimble to meet today’s rapidly changing world.

We work hard at creating a nurturing and supportive culture for our people, which as a result leads to the sustainable growth of our business and drives overall performance for all our stakeholders.

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