Best in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

There are a number of BPO’s out there and they all ‘talk the talk’ as it were, but, we are the right choice for you, here’s why:

  • Many BPO’s, are that in name only, they wear the title for credibility, but with most of their focus in the wrong place.  We, on the other hand, have built our business outward from a powerful BPO core. Our full call centre functionality is the result of our success, not its starting point.
  • We have been in the business of helping your business since 2008. Which means we have the experience you need.
  • Historically we have provided debt recovery solutions to private and public entities to improve collection results. And we have, by some 90%.
  • We bring together a team of financial professionals with extensive experience across the finance and banking sectors; our top clients are evidence of our value and expertise in this area.
  • We have a number of high profile clients including: FNB, African Bank, Standard Bank, Woolworths Financial Services and Telkom.
  • Our services cover full BPO and call centre functionality. With an experienced team focusing on inbound, outbound, quality and training.
  • We tailor make effective solutions for all of our clients, and would do the same for you.

Inbound Contact Centre

South Africa is a growing hub for all call centre operations (both locally and internationally). With a wide pool of motivated employees, sound infrastructure and impressive technological resources it’s not hard to appreciate the ‘why’ of this trend.

Here’s how we will work toward your needs:

  • We are able to scale up or down efficiently and effectively, the moment you say ‘go’, due to our operational teams always functioning at 20% excess to capacity.
  • In fact, we can cater to your size, whatever it may be. Need a bank of 12 seats. No problem. Need to up capacity considerably, like yesterday, no problem.
  • Our agents are monitored and measured via constant on the floor training.
  • Targets are set monthly, weekly and daily, and changes are made as we proceed, to ensure we reach your goals.
  • Measurement systems offer real time statistics and feedback on performance.
  • We incentivise performance to ensure targets are met.

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Outbound Contact Centre

Outbound Contact Centre Walk around our contact centre and you will be struck by a couple things. The energy of the environment (filled with positivity and buzz), and the people, y(our) people, all friendly, approachable and ready (and fully trained) to reach out not just on your behalf, but as you.

Here’s how we will work toward your needs:

  • Calls are made at a high frequency, using an automated or predictive dialler.
  • Agents work off of scripts that are custom made, and the process is closely monitored, streamlined and realigned to ensure the best results.
  • Constant on the floor training ensures our agents stay motivated and potential customers remain engaged.
  • Communication channels are changing, so we en-devour to change with them.
  • We embrace both voice and non-voice communication. Ensuring we make contact via the channel that suits your customer best.
  • Incentives are in place to promote performance and subsequently your growth.
  • We have the seats to scale up the moment you say go.
  • We cater for your size. From 12 seats to just about however many you need.

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Training and Social Development

Our people are your people. That’s the whole point of what we do, and what makes us (and by extension, you) successful. We speak for you, work with you and together help you to achieve your goals. With teams led by qualified finance professionals you are assured of a tailored, targeted and constantly evolving plan, that works.

  • All recruits are screened, then taken through a comprehensive induction and training program, ensuring they hit the floor fully equipped to handle your work.
  • An annual training plan is identified, based on individual, group and organisational level needs.
  • We believe in growth from within our own organization, which means that our staff are incentivised by their own potential for upward mobility, to be the best.
  • In line with this our development and training leads to nationally recognised qualifications.
  • Our focus on (and belief in training) and upskilling is not limited to our staff though; our management and leadership teams are also all constantly learning and expanding on their skills, in order to become better for our people and for you.

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Business Intelligence / Analysis is Always Trending

Ongoing and accurate data analysis is imperative for best results. Our in house analysts are leaders in their field. Their research, trends analysis and insights help us to help you better.

Our team are able to determine favoured call times, demographics, preferred methods of communication and payment trends. This data, and much more, is supplied to our people on the floor, managing the call centres, who use it to create targeted call campaigns, combating gaps in the the communication plan.