Enabling sustainable and quality-oriented growth
through empowerment of people

Capability BPO is an organisation who can be best described as energetic, client-centric, people-focused, and passionate about you and your customers.

We possess in-depth industry experience across multiple industry verticals, both internationally and locally, with comprehensive Customer Experience (CX / NPS) capabilities and expertise.

We work according to the COPC™ methodology framework with COPC certified implementation leaders on site and are ISO 27001 certified.

We provide world-class outcome-based innovative solutions which drive excellent customer service engagements; supported by dedicated teams.

We focus on engagements that allow us to apply a personal touch, through a dedicated, agile, and client-centric approach.

Capability BPO invests heavily in leveraging the digital capabilities of today to drive better outcomes for our clients. Our Care Lab’s provide our clients valuable insight into how we operate, creating test-environments for clients to view new processes, technology, and our ways of working.

Co-designing client solutions at global scale.

  • Dedicated Client Teams servicing your customers via seamless Omni Channel solutions (Email, web, app, voice, chat, social, text, human-in-loop, etc.).

  • Co-create custom designed, built, and deployed solutions.

  • Co-create custom designed, built, and deployed solutions.

  • Broad and robust reporting of client KPI’s to monitor and manage performance.

  • Continuously enhance, improve, or create ways which make the lives of our employees, our clients, their customers, or the eco-system in which we operate in better.

  • Workplace management Consultative and collaborative. Assisting our customers in achieving the best outcome.

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